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'Til Death Do Us Part: A Wicked Wonderland 'Selling Sunset' Wedding!

Like the rest of the quarantine nation, I fell hook, line and sinker into the Netflix series, Selling Sunset, which aired season 3 this week. Needless to say I completed it in a day and am HERE for the inside view of Christine & Christian's wedding plus the drama of the latest season. But mainly here for the wedding. Obvs.

ICYMI: a scripted reality series based in LA following the Oppenheim Group Real Estate's uber-glamorous team as they show & sell multi-million dollar homes to LA's elite.

Where to start...

The Planner: Lisa Lafferty Events

Lisa started out as a pastry chef before setting up Beverly Hills Premier Catering in 2014, specialising in "luxurious modern and ethnic catering and custom desserts" and now extended to Lisa Lafferty Events due to client demand.

They had 2 months to plan the 'Til Death Do Us Part' wedding and only 90 minutes to flip the room from the white winter wonderland to the evening's dark & moody setting- who said event planners aren't magicians!

The budget

The wedding with a budget of "love" was "very generous" and rumoured to cost over $1m!

So far we know C&C spent:

  • $50,000 on two custom-made Galia Lahav black wedding dresses (express.co.uk)

  • $25,000 x 4 special-effects screens

  • $15,000 on a 55 inch, 4-tier cake that 'bled' when cut into

  • $7,500 on freshly-shaved white truffles

The dresses

Anyone who watches Selling Sunset knows that Christine is no wallflower so was never going to settle on 'any old white dress'! So naturally she channelled a 'Gothic Barbie' and had 2 custom-made stunning black Galia Lahav dresses after being turned down by several designers who couldn't work with the 2 month deadline.

The Decor

The 130 guests were all dressed in white and welcomed into a fairytale White Winter Wonderland, complete with white swans & snow as the bride made her way down the aisle to a string quartet rendition of 'Sweet but Psycho' by Ava Maxx. Once the formalities were done and while guests enjoyed a drinks reception, the LL team had 90 minutes to turn the room into a dark & moody gothic castle, swapping out the white swans for their black counterparts.

The cake

This was a wedding cake on EXTRA: a $15,000 4-tier black cake using strawberry balsamic to create a 'bleeding' effect when cut into!

The extra's we didn't get to see on Selling Sunset- according to Oprah magazine:

  • No- the swans weren't drugged! They were actually meant to be placed individually but would only settle down when paired up, hence their good behaviour.

  • Christine's floral arrangement contained lilies of the valley, which are known to be poisonous if ingested.

  • Christine and Christian sat on six-foot-tall, black-and-gold thrones at a sweetheart table.

  • The party favors were breakable chocolate skulls containing a custom calligraphy note from the bride and groom: “Til death do us part.”

  • Fireworks! Actual fireworks!

  • The ice cubes contained black roses.

  • The bride and groom entered to a faux thunderstorm complete with lightning and thunder effects, and matching LED panels.

  • Stars twinkled on LED panels during the couple's first dance.

View the complete album on Lisa Lafferty Events.com

Read the full interview with her on Oprahmag.com


All photos credited & courtesy of (unless otherwise linked):

John & Joseph Photography / Lisa Lafferty Events.

Further credits:

Shawna Yamamoto Event Design

Amber Event Production

Julie Simon Cakes

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