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This or That: Wedding trends ...

I recently did a poll on Instagram to find out what bits you love, hate or could live without at weddings & the results really had me hooked all day!

Here's what you loved and didn't when it comes to wedding trends...

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Wedding Planner (32%) v DIY (68%)

When it came to whether you're planning it all alone or bringing in some help, the vote went to DIY which is not surprising! It takes a strong couple to DIY and over the years, the use of the internet and social media has helped couples around the world smartly find their way around wedding organising. My only bit of advice here is to definitely keep an open mind as planners don't always cost the world- remember that you only pay for the services you need, so don't think planners are something only available to those with JLo-esque bank balances!

Country (69%) vs City (31%) location

Whilst some voters hated the idea of a middle-of-nowhere venue, it was clear that the space, views and nature was the clear winner! This completely comes down to each couple's preference- if you picture yourself in the middle of a city centre at famous landmarks or crossing infamous streets such as Abbey Road, then go for it! I love how photographers like Amy Faith manage to capture their couples looking cool AF whilst still keeping it 'wedding', but if your heart is in the country, then go for that Bridgerton-inspired manor with lots of photo opportunities.

Dresses: Fitted (62%) v Princess (38%)

This was a no-brainer as it's clear to see how popular designers like Suzanne Neville are with their beautiful fitted dresses dominating the wedding calendars every year! There's something 'cute' about a Princess fit that we seem to have moved away from and I'm hoping to see the more adventurous couples are going for jumpsuits, tailored suits and two-piece outfits in 2021/2022. Some of my favourite looks this year have been from Viktor & Rolf, Jesus Peiro, Christie Nicole and as always, the biggest princess fits from Monique Lhuillier.

Bridesmaids: same but different (76%) v uniform (24%)

The 'same but different' trend is such a great idea because it recognises that people come in all shapes and sizes, so what's flattering for one most definitely won't be for another. Most designers now offer your bridal party the same fabric or colour with adjustments on the bits that make a difference, namely straps and necklines, so there's something to suit everyone. You'll find that giving your bridal party some freedom makes them feel more included without costing you anything extra- plus, chances are that they'll actually like the same dress anyway!

Tables: Rounds (68%) v Banquet (32%)

There's something really sociable about round tables that win for wedding set ups- they're 'expected'(maybe more so in the UK v US), can be cheaper (as the venue usually has them as standard) and let you make the most of your numbers (did you know if you opt for banquet, you can more than half your capacity depending on the venue?). Styling a banquet table is sometimes simpler with a bigger impact as you only need to do something along the middle, as opposed to a feature centre on a round table. Make sure your centrepieces are either very low or very high so they're not annoying for guests as they try to chat throughout the day/night!

Band (42%) v DJ (58%)

This was a close call but I like to think it's because our idea of a wedding band has thankfully evolved over the years! A wedding with an empty dancefloor just doesn't feel right so it's important to get some good entertainment going- maybe a hybrid of the two. If your budget allows, consider a band while guests are relaxed and eating before stepping it up with a DJ to change the mood and let your guests know you're entering the final part of the night. Less of the 'Oops upside your head' and more Fatboy Slim/Groove Armada/ general post-90s playlist...

Catching the bouquet (25%) or unbothered, drinking wine (75%)

It seems more of us are unbothered with this tradition and stepping out of the ring... cheers to that! Part of me thinks this is a big feminist statement... the rest thinks the Brides throwing said bouquet probably realised how much the damn thing cost and begrudges flinging it in the air in the hope that someone will catch it before it bounces off the ground.

Guest flip flops: a must (27%) or a NO (63%)

We've all been going so hard on the dance floor after a long day that we've whipped off our heels to carry on... right? Whilst I'm not a fan of the flops with an outfit I've spent a lot of time and money on, I think this depends on your location. For example, a beach wedding would make total sense to help your sisters out by not letting them Bambi across the sand in 6-inch heels. For anything else, there's a seat... and after a year in lockdown slippers, the dancefloor is going to be a VERY interesting place...!

Candy... table (80%) v cart (20%)

Everyone loves sweets and dessert but how you display them makes all the difference! Candy carts a more of a thing in the UK but can be a bit bright and old-fashioned compared to a carefully curated dessert table. Be careful not to cheapen the overall look of your wedding by throwing together a mish mash of brightly-coloured sweets that don't fit your decor- remember, while there might be little ones in attendance, it's a wedding not a kids party! You can buy perspex or glass containers online or in your local bargain shop (think Home Bargains or Hobbicraft) to keep everything neat and make sure to include your personal favourites.

Let me know your thoughts- which side are you voting for?

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