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Spotlight on: Christie Nicole Bridal

'Bespoke Couture for the Modern Bride'

I am beyond obsessed with this collection because it effortlessly manages to be stunning, delicate and whisper 'drama' all at the same time!

My favourite is easily 'Eileen' with her puff shoulders & demure neckline which always catch my attention no matter how many times she appears on my instagram feed.

That's not to take away from the rest of the squad who easily hold their own and could easily be paired with the veil 1.0 or Amber headband to up the ante.

"Christie’s designs are a manifestation of edgy, cool girl meets modern romantic. Her work showcases intricate details, bold fabric pairings, renaissance style embroidery and hand sewn ornamental needlework. Challenging traditional wedding standards; her designs epitomise contemporary femininity."

"Christie is renowned for enabling even the most fashion-forward brides to create exquisite wedding dresses that embody their own, unique style. Every experience is new and any bride-to-be is invited to join in an intimate journey."

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