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Not everybody wants to plan their own wedding... and that's ok!

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Every romcom involving wedding planning shows us the tears, drama and family feuds leading up to the starving and emotionally drained Bride finally walking down the aisle while trying to forget the chaos that got her there.

But it really doesn't have to be that way! Sure it's all fun and games posting 'I said Yes!' but when the realisation kicks in of just how much work there is to do before your first dance and smearing cake on each other's faces, take a minute to regroup and be really brutally honest with yourself about how you truly want your wedding day to be.

Make a list of the things that mean the most to you and allocate your budget accordingly:

  • The guestlist doesn't need to include everyone that knows you! Think about who you want to see when you look around the room and what they mean to you because those photos are forever...

  • The budget because love does cost a thing! It's so much easier to pay per head when you're only paying for people you want in the room- be brutal and stay true to who you want to end up on the dancefloor with.

  • The food that you love needs to be included in some way! You can stick to a menu that makes sense overall, but if you love tacos & tequila or goose & caviar then work that into the day/night so you get your fix.

  • The music doesn't have to be generic- if you'd prefer to create a playlist of your favourite songs and spend your money on a DJ instead of a band, then go for it!

  • The flowers & decor don't have to take up all your cash! You can create a beautiful room in so many ways but if you genuinely care more about about food than specific flowers, work with your suppliers to make less look like more.

  • The extras can really make a difference- this doesn't have to be a photobooth or candy cart, but little touches and moments that speak volumes such as personalised notes on tables, making sure to get that big group photo on the dancefloor and hangover kits for the next morning.

Once you've got a clearer idea of your vision, speak to at least one planner and get a real life quote as it could make perfect sense- you'll only pay for the services you need and a good planner will save you time, money and effort. They'll also be your soundboard for everything from budgets to instagram & pinterest spam when your partner's had enough!

Which camp do you fall into?

  • A) You have a venue in mind, some time on your hands, can find your way around a spreadsheet and want to get stuck into the planning- 'on the day coordination' lets you get your hands dirty and plan everything, but then hand over to the Pro 4-6 weeks before so you can sit back and enjoy your day without any stress!

  • B) You don't know where to start (although might have a venue in mind), are considering a destination wedding, but excel spreadsheets freak you out and you don't know what 'spare time' means- then you might need a full service planner that will listen to your ideas and bring it all to life, keeping you updated throughout and taking care of everything until you head off on your honeymoon.

Either way, I'd love to have a non-committal conversation about what services might fit for you and how Navy Tux Events can help you make the most of the planning process.

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