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Always the Planner, never the Bride...

Whenever I speak to wedding planners, they always tell me the same thing: that they planned their own, fell in love with the process, and have never looked back since starting their businesses.

I love those stories, yet they don't quite apply to me, because as far back as I can remember (although it could just be a selective memory lapse), being a bride, was never a goal and I don't think I ever got 'pretend-married' to any childhood boyfriends or had a scrapbook of grand plans for my 'big day'...

I come from a world of corporate events- conference rooms, coffee urns, buffet lunches & presentations- where that population could think of nothing worse than crossing over into one of flowers, vows & Bridezillas. So how on earth have I ended up being so in love with with it all?

For me, planning comes as second nature; I always think it's kind of like herding big groups of well-dressed, sometimes unruly, sometimes drunk, sheep... and if that doesn't sound like a wedding party then I don't know what does!

a herd of sheep with one sheep looking into the camera
There's always one...

Getting to know the couples I'm working with and helping them navigate the planning process along the way is key to understanding what parts are actually important to them and keeping their focus on exactly that the whole way through without it becoming overwhelming; I love nothing better than being in the background and watching all the work unfold to bring together the vision that my couple had only dreamt of.

My mum will tell you that as a kid growinz up in Zimbabwe, I was the Asst. Head Teacher of an after-school school (yes, really...), persuading my friends and the other children on our street to arrive to our garden on time five days a week for whatever curriculum I'd put together on top of their compulsory education. I've used those persuasive skills throughout the years as a corporate event organiser and freelancer, adapting to different project and clients' requirements with ease before giving into the 'devil on my shoulder' calling me to include weddings as part of my services offered.

If you're into star signs then it should come as no surprise that I'm a strong-minded Sagittarius, with over 10 years of experience in events and even longer in being the eldest of five so can manage and juggle the different aspects that make up that big day with an ease that's taken time to nearly perfect. My profession also happens to be in the top 5 most stressful jobs in the world & apparently is perfectly suited to my signs traits!

A smiling, gap-toothed girl at a birthday party aged 8
Gap-toothed & fancy-free in Zimbabwe

A wedding should be a whirlwind of excitement for any couple but once the ring goes on and the social media announcements have been made, it's easy to come crashing down as you realise the work and price tags attached to your dream day. Having someone (me) on your team is vital as I can navigate all of this whilst also being your wedding spam companion, bodyguard against all BS & contract jargon then ultimately, the person holding your champagne glass before you eventually glide down the aisle

I always tell my couples that this is 100% a time to be a little bit selfish because too often the wedding plans become bigger than the couple due to family politics and growing guestlists. You should look around the room on your wedding at any point and only see the people you truly want to be there who share in your life, past and present.

With one of my favourite Brides, Kendal

I will also always remind my couples to stay true to their vision, stay true to what's important to them and ignore what everybody else has to say because at the end of the day, it's your party and you'll ignore who you want to! If your venue can accommodate more guests and your arm is being twisted, let your planner send a bill on your behalf along with a beautiful note of how you'd love them to attend once payment has been made. Ruthless, but you get who you pay for.

So who knows if I'll ever be the Bride- to be honest, some of the Viktor & Rolf gowns have me considering a wedding just so I can wear one... But for now, I'm perfectly happy being right beside my couples as they plan; focusing on the details, diverting stress, keeping unwanted opinions at bay and sharing a champagne toast together at the end of it all.

Before we knew we'd be planning their wedding in the year of 'Rona...

Regardless of what stage of the journey you're at, my emails & DM's are always open to see if I can make your life any easier as we navigate this never-ending limbo of postponed weddings.

Feel free to get in touch or set up a call with me

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