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5 wedding trends I can't wait to see disappear...

This year has changed everything we've come to know, love and loathe about weddings thanks to 'Rona, and I personally cannot wait to see some of these trends disappear!

Flower walls/ arches

Couples around the world have been desperately trying to recreate Kimye's stunning flower arch on a budget since 2014 and after 6 years, a divorce and Jeff Leatham declaring them 'overdone', I think it's firmly time to move on. Flowers done well will completely change any space and will generally take up a big chunk of the budget, but not everyone can afford to splash the rumoured £136,000 spent by the Wests on their centrepiece.

The revamp: if you've got the budget then go BIG and send the receipts, but if not then please don't do a 'basic' version that will actually cheapen the entire look and feel of your wedding. Use your budget wisely and consider other ways to create the same romantic moments by mixing budget flowers (ie carnations, gypsophillia, silk flowers) with the more expensive blooms (peonies, orchids, lily of the valley) throughout your venue and not just in one spot.

Light up 'Mr & Mrs' letters

I don't know who started this trend but having huge 6ft statements with 'Love' or 'Mr & Mrs' just feels unnecessary and is the 'Live, Love, Laugh' equivalent for weddings. Sorry... they were cute but can we stop now...? Less is more when it comes to decor and you'll often end up compromising on the things that mean more to you for the sake of including hire items like these just because it feels like something you 'should' have on your dance floor.

The revamp: If you're really keen on making a written statement, why not consider something like a hanging neon sign with your new surname which can then become a feature in your marital home? Alternatively, use the space the letters would take up and throw in a tequila bar or late-night snack station which is way more fun & useful!

Candy carts

Who doesn't love a wedding with endless food options that let you continuously snack throughout the day... plus, sweets will take the edge off those hours spent at the bar, but there is no need for them to be displayed on a rickety white wooden cart that cost you actual money to have rolled in.

The revamp: Update this look by creating a sophisticated sweet table instead; use perspex stands, a bright backdrop or keep the same colour theme for everything on display. Keep it relevant by including your personal favourites and make everything bitesize so your guests don't have to be too hands-on and even throw in some individually-wrapped treats on the tables for guests to work their way through during the day/ night without leaving their seats.

Cheesy bands

Come on, Eileen... enough with the old playlists and in with a DJ or roaming band that will get your party much more hyped on the dance floor! Nobody spent months planning their outfit just to sit wide-legged in a train on the floor for the duration of 'Oops Upside Your Head'.

The revamp: Keep it fun and lift the energy once all the formalities are out of the way- get your guests to submit requests before the wedding, let them build a Spotify playlist that you share with the DJ to avoid those drunken requests (except yours- your drunken requests should ALL be played!). If you have the budget then bring in a roaming band or a full LED backdrop to rally create a club-like atmosphere.

Donut walls

I will never forget the time a venue tried to charge my client for a 'bespoke donut wall' which they wanted despite my advice. In my mind it was at least going to be some freshly baked goodies for guests to enjoy set in a corner of the room. Fast-forward to a member of staff sneaking in during the reception with a bag of the cheap supermarket donuts to set on a flimsy white wall. This is how I now envision all or any kind of D-walls and therefore I rebuke them all.

The revamp: if you must have donuts, make sure they aren't shop bought, keep a theme (if you love a specific brand, then make it obvious but keep it simple by having them in a tower or even branded boxed with your initials on) and don't display them on a wall whatever you do!

Big, obnoxious occasions

One good thing to come from 'Rona weddings is that it's forced couples to really focus on who and what's important to them and scale back on the big fat unwanted-guests-list. I always encourage my couples to be a little selfish because the goal is to look around the room and care about every single (expensive) person you see there, then get to spend some time quality time with them without feeling like you're just doing the rounds on an empty stomach.

The revamp: step back, take stock and redefine what your wedding day means and how you see it in your mind! Then do that. Your day might just be a beautiful 8 course meal with 30 friends and family or skipping off to Salzburg for a picturesque ceremony in front of the infamous Von Trapp gates (very, very possible and if you like the idea, I'm DTP (Down To Plan)).

Any trends you're done with that I've missed out...?

Please share- I'd love to hear it!

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